Retard is now retard is just retard is still retard. Retard on November 16 and November 30th.

I’m just gonna say who’s in it. So the posts are shorter. it’s ALWAYS fridays. uh huh.

November 16th…super cool musicians gorgeous and all Cynthia and Adam, and BERNIE JUNGLE. improviser extra ordinaire and creative genius and and and SMOOTH TOAD you gotta see them! it’s brilliant famous old guys who are theater and poets and musicians in a band! they rock and favorites and friends Alan Phillips and Herb Heinz and and and JULIE REID. she is a poet and writer that is so humble and magical and transparent

Bermuda Triangle Service
Bernie Jungle
Smooth Toad (GP Skratz, Bob Ernst, Hal Hughes)
Alan Phillips
Herb Heinz
Julie Reid
Karen Penley

November 30th…more super cool the super coolest musicians: Jeff Wagner. wild and brilliant and starfire and odd and Andrew Goldfarb. boisterous and odd and wild and left left of center and one of the sweetest coolest realest guys i met and and and EDNA BARRON! god! edna of Alice Down the Rwong Wrabbit Whole. Edna has been compared to carol burnett she is funny and adorable and funny and odd and brilliant (man i keep saying odd and brilliant about everyone but it. is true.) she is So funny and So current and So funny and she will be famous someday and TOM COMITTA! oh my god, tom comitta! he is a poet and artist of the first degree and knows how to make things, like make your environment change, like change the energy in the room and William Taylor Jr. such a fucking great poet and wanders down lanes in the tenderloin to land you smack in the middle of your soft pink heart aching and Amy MOON who had presence presence presence presence presence and Herb Heinz im. pro. vise. r. extra ordinaire. ok. shmula shmula shmula

Andrew Goldfarb
Jeff Wagner
Edna Barron
Amy Moon
Tom Comitta
William Taylor Jr.
Herb Heinz
Karen Penley


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