words people say about retard

thoroughly enjoyed it…. man, it just keeps getting better and better got the feeling last night that it could become something really big…. the whole night was fantastic.

there was luminosity and transcendence. and meringues and tea. and friends of friends. that is part of its beauty. what makes it warm. besides the big-ass heater.

i’m enjoying this and i don’t know why.

and it is fun and sad and i feel like a kid again when i performed in front of my mother and father, i don’t remember what, but a skit of some sorts, and i got pee in my pants happy about it.

sounds good, maybe especially with no audience, like a clubhouse, and like what my sister and I used to do in the backyard, put on shows for the neighbor kids for about ten kids, a dime each. i was the writer and director and princess and my sister was the prince, the villain, and the dog.

anyway, sounds like your audience is also retarded, slow, loitering out there.

this is like our first thing. our goofy we don’t know what it is time.  maybe it will always be like that.


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