call for performers


tell me what you want to do. the thing and the flavor of it, unless i already know.

and what days you want to do it.  which fridays.  and options. give me options.  but only tell me days you for sure could do it, cause i’ll be pissed if i have to reorganize it all cause

i’m going to put it all together, hopefully, in a good kind of flow.

so, like say, ‘i’m going to sing wierd musical songs and dance in odd dresses and i want to do 15 minutes and i could do the first and third fridays for sure.  i’d like to do both fridays, but i’m ok with just doing one.”  like that.  tell me like that.

or say, “i want to do 20 minutes, split up into two sections, like 10 minutes of dramatic monologues, and 10 minutes, playing the trombone with wind up toy accompaniement.  i only can do the third friday.” like that.

just be sure to be sure to be sure you can come the day you say you can.


you can be one of 3 or 4 main performers on the night, or you can just do something really small inbetween the performers, like 3-5 minutes tops.


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